D Y Patil Knowledge City

The Oasis

D Y Patil Knowledge City is an evidence of our actions and vision. It is located on a 100-acre serene campus that is self-supporting and self-sufficient in every possible way. On the campus, modern institutional buildings are effectively complemented with sporting facilities and other world-class facilities. It has an air-conditioned auditorium with modern amenities. Sports infrastructure includes - Olympic size swimming pool, multipurpose sports ground that accommodates sporting facilities like football, cricket and athletics, basketball courts, an indoor multipurpose hall with badminton courts, hard surface tennis courts and an archery range.

Inspiring minds, transforming lives

The group is an educational powerhouse. It offers programs, which are Relevant, Attractive and Connected:

Relevant to the lives and careers of students, preparing them for a broad range of careers, as well as for lifelong learning involving both formal programs and hands-on experience;

Attractive so that the excitement and intellectual content of syllabus will motivate the students with a wider variety of backgrounds and career interests and will empower them to succeed; and

Connected to the needs and issues of the broader community through integrated activities with other parts of the educational system, industry and society.

We offer a range of Bachelor’s & Masters program through our constituent institutions.