Our strategic imperative is to lead in the creation, development and deployment of Human Technology through an organisation that is fit for the future.
Make a meaningful difference to human lives
Radically, reframe existing delivery models and unlock new value
Lead with our values and enable our people to develop their potential

Always seek to improve, maximize opportunities, delight stakeholders in everything we do.


Realize potential, enhance capabilities and ensure excellence.


Promote new approaches, create unique offerings.


Do the right thing always, always be respectful and fulfil agreed obligations always.


All endeavours to be founded on the principle of earning trust from the society and doing public good. Follow a maxim given by Shri Satya Sai Baba – Love All, Serve All.

Guided by a great vision

How we see the future
Creating the future today

The Ajeenkya D Y Patil Group is built on a unique promise.

It is a promise of growth through the vision and foresight of our leadership. We see the world in terms of opportunities, possibilities and potential.

The D Y Patil Group is one of the largest educational groups in the country. Padmashree Dr D Y Patil founded it in the year 1983. It has over 200 Institutes of learning along with its five universities‚ based out of Navi Mumbai‚ Pune and Kolhapur.

The group runs three hospitals and provides affordable healthcare and medical attention to scores of needy people. The D Y Patil International Cricket Stadium at Mumbai is rated‚ as one of the 6 best stadiums in the world and amongst the best sporting facility in India. The group is focused on creating new concepts and new ways of thinking in a wide range of fields and mainly that of sports, health, agriculture and education.

A sense of innovation and excellence is at the core of everything the group does. The group entities are engaged in transformation of society through its various endeavours. The group is exploring new forays and is well on path in attaining leadership positions in every arena it works in.

As befits any enterprise with global aspirations, the group has always demonstrated a commitment towards the future. Our leadership has time and time again demonstrated remarkable acuity in imagining the future and has taken proactive actions to stay ahead of the curve.

The Future

We envisage a bold and exciting future for us.

As future economic, financial & social paradigms evolve, the Ajeenkya DY Patil Group is gearing up to new challenges & exploiting vibrant possibilities for growth through single-minded focus on innovation. We apply innovative thinking across our activities, now and for the future. We continue to develop effective capabilities to respond flexibly and quickly to the changes by employing innovative solutions in our internal processes as well as external offerings.

We have embarked upon an ambitious program of growth and progress. We are expanding the footprints of DY Patil International Schools in more cities. Recognizing the changing times, the group has made ambitious forays in online education through its Online School, GoSchool and online Higher Education platform, GoLearn. New residential projects are being conceptualised in a 60 acre land parcel.

The group has always believed in growing via collaborative, mutually respectful, mutually beneficial partnerships. The group has always endeavoured to forge effective partnerships and have nurtured these partnerships through sustained commitment.

Brand that reflects our vision

About ADYPG Logo

ADYPG logo
ADYPG logo

The Eagle with the spread wings denotes the flight towards the sky that is consistently Soaring and rising higher.

ADYPG logo

The Saluting Elephants signify the strength of the Team members and also abundance.

ADYPG logo

The Green Earth and the Green Vines in the background represent the Eco friendliness of the Group.

ADYPG logo

The Rising Sun signifies the source of all life and light.

ADYPG logo

The word "AJEENKYA" on the flying banner means Undefeated, Unconquerable and Victorious.