Being Connected

Today, waves of disruptive and revolutionary change is redefining the context for how we work, what we do and how we tread through our everyday lives. In these interesting times, the legacy that we would bequeath to our future generations would depend on creativity and our commitment to unlock potential.

For the past decades, we have optimized ourselves for efficiency and quality. Now we must optimize ourselves for innovation. As we co-create prosperity and success for all our stakeholders, “being connected” is key.

Ideas do not advance in isolation. The value emerges from the interactions amongst people. They get wings when people are connected. In a hyper-wired world where we are connected with each other in myriad ways through a medium of network, connecting people with a medium of purpose is perhaps the most important pursuit to achieve. Connecting people within the organisation and connecting people across the organisations to unlock potential remains the key focus.

The Ajeenkya DY Patil Group has the spirit of ambition and the strength of legacy to leverage abundant opportunities that arise from our leadership position and the collective strength of our people. While we pursue new horizons and growth, we continue to build on operational excellence and nurturing the long-term sustainability of our present initiatives.

We look forward to continuing our connections and conversations as we all work together for a brighter future for us and our nation.

Wishing the best to all,

Taruna Maheshwari
Chief Executive Officer
Ajeenkya DY Patil Group