Online Education

How do you create the best education experience, the best student experience the best type of pedagogy and curriculum suited for the 21'st century context without having the limitations of prevalent formats and burdens of existing systems. GoEducation is a pathbreaking initiative of the group powered by Hyflex Learning.
New Age Hyflex Learning

At the core of GoEducation is the most powerful learning engine propelled by New Age Hyflex Learning, which offers a hi-tech yet hi-touch model of delivering education. This ushers in a new vision of education, for the next generation of students by deploying cutting-edge technologies to maximise learning.

GoSchool is India's first career focussed, online high school. It is a data driven, human centric, online high school that combines career preparation and world class academics to co-create a generation of adaptive learners to succeed in the VUCA world. The GoSchool addresses the widening gap between career and academics in traditional schools by combining data driven career preparation with global faculty and career coaches.

We are not an average, anytime, anywhere online learning professional program. We are not even a program that though extending to 9 months, but ends up teaching only 120 hrs and that too in a passive, recorded video mode. We offer innovative, interesting, integrated & interactive studies through our “alive” programs across multiple domains of study. Each domain of the program offering is chosen based on the emerging trends in that industry and where are jobs will be. GoLearn delivers precise learning experiences that translate into career-relevant skills and ensures a shorter-term economic return.

Unique Attributes
  • The deployment of personalised peer learning platform leverages ideas from crowdsourcing in education by having students themselves generate and evaluate content that can then be adaptively served.
  • We incorporate group activities and collaboration amongst students into their mix of course formats.
  • Automated interventions support higher student participation and feedback. It effectively engages students’, inclined to participate less.
  • Use of adaptive learning using AI and analytics we detect and address individual students' needs and offer real-time feedback and support. Based on past searches and questions, the system predict students' requirements, and respond with relevant content.
  • Providing dedicated channel to help students with academic, personal, technological, and administrative challenges. It is done in a dual manner, peer-to-peer support and support from success coaches who personally intervene when a student lags behind or needs support.

Go School