The foundations of the group have been laid on Public Good. The group extends this commitment through associations with several worthy causes from time to time.

Through its educational institutions it extends the opportunity of education to the needy and serves the unserved through its healthcare institutions.

The group has supported establishment of Zodiac Foundation, a not for profit foundation. Working at the forefront of Healthcare and education, the foundation is committed to augment access to quality healthcare & foster educational opportunity for the vulnerable and needy through systemic interventions. The foundation, identifies thematic areas of intervention and works to bring about lasting good in the society.

Education and Health are the two most important indicators of progress for a nation. While education concerns with growing the national capital, health is to preserve the same. Education and health are also the basic human need which affords the true right to live with dignity for an individual.

We are motivated by our passion to do good for the needy. We are driven to ensure support to those who need it. Our approach is find worthy causes and extend the support in the most efficient manner.

The Zodiac Foundation raises essential funds to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care supported by a compassionate and highly skilled team. This means, they're cared for in best of class facilities by leading specialists with access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment.

The foundation is means to extend our unwavering commitment to provide exceptional care to each and every person we treat.

The Foundation utilizes donations to improve medical care through equipment and technology upgrades, enhancements to patient care, capital improvements and to fulfil Grand Port Hospital's mission of compassionate health care.

Good governance is an implied attribute for Zodiac Foundation. We believe that we can achieve our aims and ambitions only through right leadership and effective governance. The governance of the foundation promotes a culture and attitudes to enable the fulfilment of our vision. Our governance model is established on time tested principles of propriety and purpose.